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Iranian Government Threatens to Completely Disconnect the Internet

A Weekly Report on Human Rights Violations in Iran from Nov 7th to Nov 13th 2011

One of the newest threats by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president imposed on the Iranian people, is to completely disconnect the internet. HRANA reports that last week, the Ahmadinejad administration threatened that they will completely cut off the internet. However, social activists and internet users in Iran have developed many skills to escape censorship and the control of the government on the net
The German weekly magazine Spiegel, in an interview with prominent internet expert Philip Howard, asked how such a thing is possible and if it is possible to isolate a country from the international electronic network. This internet expert responded that the government of Iran has proven that it has the will and the ability to do such a thing. In the post-presidential election incidents, the internet connection in Iran was completely cut off for 24 hours. However, disconnecting the internet is usually the last action of a dying regime.

In 2009, three large internet service providers cut their services due to a government order but smaller companies continued to give services. So, such an action is possible for the Islamic Republic.

(1) Last week the son of Mohsen Reza’i died in a hotel in Dubai. His suspicious death received vast coverage.

(2) Among the news concerning the lack of order and fighting among the rulers of the country was an armed conflict between two government authorities of the Islamic Republic. According to Guya News, the Head of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Tehran province was shot by his deputy.

(3) In Tehran, after a loud explosion on Saturday Nov. 12th, the general security commander of the police of Tehran province announced that the explosion had taken place in a garrison and so far 17 people were killed. Among the dead was Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, the manager of Independence and Industrial Research of Sepah and the founder of the Sepah missile program.

(4) The following report describes the dozens of other news concerning the lack of order and continued violation of human rights by the Islamic regime.
The International Union, in support of Iranian workers, released a statement last week in which they demanded an end to pressure and arrest of workers by the Islamic Republic.

(5) Also in relation to the possibility of a war being triggered, a group of political, social, student and scholar activists and journalists released a statement in opposition to this potential catastrophe.

Last week, nearly 20 Iranian corporation teachers from the provinces Fars and Isfahan gathered in front of the parliament, protesting their dismissals.

Religious Minorities
According to HRANA, the security police of Tehran prevented the prayer of the Qorban ceremony of the Sunni, by going to the special places that the prayer was supposed to be held.

(8) The same news agency reports that a citizen from Sardasht of Western Azerbaijan province was sentenced to imprisonment by the revolutionary court of Tehran.

(9) According to the Human Rights Activists in Iran, in the ongoing attack and arrest on Gonabadi dervishes based in Kovar, this morning two followers of this belief were arrested.

(10) According to HRANA, during the past weeks, the pressure on a Baha’i family in Semnan has seriously increased.

(11) Also according to the website of the Iran House of Human Rights, a Baha’i citizen from Sari called Anvar Moslemi was sent to prison to serve his one year term of imprisonment on Nov 10th.

Ethnic Minorities
According to the Human Rights Activists in Iran, three citizens based in Bukan of Western Azerbaijan were sentenced to one year of imprisonment each. Also according to this human rights news source, agents of the intelligence office of Marivan arrested three citizens from one family in the Sarvabad area for unknown reasons.

(14) According to the website of the Iran House of Human Rights, last week Arman Zamani, another member of the Democratic Union of Kurd Students in Sanandaj, was arrested.

Culture and the Press
According to the website of Iran House of Human Rights, last week journalist Hassan Fattahi was arrested for cooperating with the BBC.

(16) According to the website of the Iran House of Human Rights journalist Saeed Saedi was sentenced to three years of Tazir imprisonment by the second branch of the revolutionary court of Sanandaj.

(17) According to the website Guya which reported from IRNA; the secretary of the press jury has said, “The press jury has found the manager of Mardomsalari newspaper guilty of publishing lies and disturbing public opinion.”

University and Students
Human Rights Activists in Iran reported that last week Hossein Najafi, a student activist in Shiraz, was arrested for the second time by security forces on Wednesday, Nov 9th.

(19) HRANA reported that last week Mohammad Habiba, the secretary of the Islamic association at the Mechanics College of Tehran University, was arrested by security forces.

(20) According to the website Tahavvole Sabz, Mohammad Yousef Alikhani, the brother of Javad Alikhani, a student imprisoned in Evin prison, has been deprived of the right to study in the central Tehran branch of Azad University by order of the Ministry of Intelligence.

According to HRANA, last week security forces of Mashhad in the Razavi Khorasan province attacked some language schools of this city. The forces terrorized and disturbed classes with the excuse of inadequate Hijab (veiling) and arrested some students in the language schools.

Human Rights Activists in Iran reported that last week Ali Nejati, a labor activist and member of the board of directors for the workers of Hafttappeh workers’ syndicate, was arrested by security forces yesterday after going to court.

(23) The website Iran Kargar reports that the government of Iran is putting pressure on cloth sellers.

(24) Also this labor website reports that the difference between the income of an official worker and a contract worker is 1,000,000 Tomans.

(25) The workers of a pipe factory of Khuzestan in Ahvaz gathered in the square on the way to the factory on Saturday, Nov 12th and asked for their delayed wages.

(26) A strike by workers of the Amir Kabir petro chemistry entered its second week.

(27) The website Iran Kargar also reported that last week, workers of Talia Company gathered to protest four months of delayed payment.

Civil Rights
The website Daneshjooyan reported that the government media stated that 87 people in Eslamshahr were arrested, under the title of “gangsters under the plan of region based security”.

(29)Daneshjoo News reports that Ria Aramnejad, the popular green singer, was arrested last week and is presently in solitary confinement and not allowed to have visitors.

The Human Rights Activists in Iran reported that last week three citizens based in Bukan of Western Azerbaijan were sentenced to a year of imprisonment each.

(31) Also Mukrian website reported that Saeed Saedi, the former editor of the monthly magazine Rubar, was sentenced to three years of imprisonment.

Prison and Prisoners
The Iran House of Human Rights website reported that last week Hamidreza Moradi, a manager at the website of Majzubane Noor was moved from the security wing of 209 to the general wing of Evin prison.

(33) According to this news website, Dr.Masoud Pedram, a member of the council of National-Religious activists, was arrested by the sentence implementation office of Evin prison on Nov. 12th and was moved to Evin prison.

(34) According to the newest statistics published by the IR, Mahmoud Zoghi, during the 130th open meeting of the third Islamic Council term of Mashhad, announced that the number of prisoners in Mashhad central prison, Chenaran Camp, Correction and Training Center of Mashhad is approximately 15,000 and 9,953.

(35)HRANA reported that political prisoner Seyyed Jamil Bassam has spent more than seven years in solitary confinement and in the cells of 209 section of Evin prison, without being provided the basic rights of a prisoner.

(36) The same news agency reported that the authorities at Evin prison once more deprived political prisoners of the 350 section from their weekly meeting with their families.

Four political prisoners are at the verge of receiving death sentences based on cases fabricated by the interrogators at Sepah intelligence.

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