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UN Human Rights Committee Condemns Iran

A Weekly Report on Human Rights Violations in Iran from October 31st to November 6th

During the past week, the UN Human Rights Committee criticized the clear human rights violations in Iran
The committee stated that torture, public executions and stoning have become common issues in the Islamic Republic.

(1) In a monthly report published by the statistics, publication and results unit of the Human Rights Activists in Iran highlighted the ongoing violation of the rights of the Baha’i religious minority. Fifty-one members of this religious minority have been arrested, detained and imprisoned during the past month by agents of the Islamic Republic.

(2) Also the poor condition of political prisoners and the violation of the rights of the imprisoned continue. Twenty months into their imprisonment, two prisoners named Bahman Amou’i and Abdollah Moumeni have not been granted the right to have breaks and meet with their families.

(3) The devastating conditions of prisoners in Iran was also illustrated by the death of a father which was caused by the prison conditions of his son
(4) Public executions continue, last week the 41st public execution was carried out in Lorestan province
(5) In this week’s report you can read about the hundreds of bad news items that reflect human rights violations of the Iranian people by the suppressive regime of the Islamic Republic

On the 32ndanniversary of the occupation of the American Embassy in Tehran and the hostage taking of its staff by “Imam Path Follower students” in 1979, in a letter to President Barak Obama, 19 student activists in Iran asked him to stop the policy of appeasement with Iranian authorities and stand by the people of Iran through targeted sanctions on the heads of government, suppressors and violators of human rights.

(6) Also the Iran House of Human Rights released a statement in relation to the sale of technology to Iran for suppressing its opposition forces.

According to the Human Rights Activists in Iran, last week, the appeals session for Amir Eslami and Farshid Yadollahi, two arrested attorneys for Gonabadi dervishes, was held in the first branch of the appeals court of Bandarabbas. They had been sentenced to six months of imprisonment

(8) Also, according to the same news agency, dozens of activists and dairy producers in the country gathered in front of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade to protest the actions of the government for failing to grant subsidies to producers
(9) Lastly, according to the same news agency, last week an environmental activist was arrested in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province
Religious Minorities
In relation to the violation of human rights on religious minorities, after a vast investigation on the work places of Baha’i citizens in Semnan, during the past weeks the public places office sealed the working place of Farhad Fana’ian
(11) Also according to HRANA, in the ongoing intimidation of Baha’i citizens, agents of intelligence office of Sari investigated homes and working places of two Baha’i citizens named Zatollah Akbari and Kamal Akbari.

(12) According to this website which reported from Sunni Online, security forces have not allowed clergies Mofti Mohammad Ghasem Ghasemi and Molana Ahmad Narouei, two outstanding Sunni icons to go to Haj.

(13) Daneshjoo news website reports that there is absolutely no news about a detained Sunni student, 70 days after his detention.

Ethnic Minorities
Last week according to Iran House of Human Rights, the trial of 12 detainees for breakfasting in Tabriz was held on November 3rd in the 1st branch of the revolutionary court of Tabriz under Judge Yousefi.
(15) Mukrian website reports that last week, a citizen from Marivan, called Mohammad Gharibfeyzi was arrested by security forces in this city.

(16) Lastly, Osman Amini, from Aliabad village (Aliavi) in the suburbs of Oshnavieh in Western Azerbaijan, was arrested and sent to prison by security forces in the city on October 30th.

Civil Rights
HRANA news agency reports that last week, Parviz Shahpar, the head of Karrubi campaign in Khorasan Razavi was sentenced to a year of Tazir imprisonment by the 28th branch of the revolutionary court for propagation against the regime.

(18) Also the same news agency reports that Hossein Fayezi, a member of Mir Hossein Mousavi’s campaign, was arrested on Wednesday, October 12th.

(19) According to this news website, Ghaffar Farzadi, the head of the Azerbaijani branch of the Freedom Movement, was summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence for signing a letter from political activists to Mohammad Khatami and was beaten.

(20) According to a report of the Iran House of Human Rights, Mohammad Tavassoli, a member of the Freedom Movement of Iran, was arrested for fraud and forgery in relation to a statement.

(21) According to HRANA, three members of the National Front of Iran were summoned and arrested after they released a statement.

(22) In the ongoing pressures on members and activists of the National Front of Iran, head of the central council, Adib Boroumand, as well as Hossein Shah Hosseini, Dr. Mohsen Farshad, Dr. Hossein Mousavian, Ghadiani and Nima Nimavari, members of the central council of the National Front of Iran, were summoned, interrogated and banned from holding sessions of the central council.

(23) HRANA reports that last week Ali Razaghi, a reformist political activist from Mashhad, was arrested and moved to a detention center after being summoned to the court.

(24) Saman Jahanpour, a civil activist based in Tabriz, was summoned to the 4th branch of the revolutionary court of this city
(25) HRANA reports that last week security forces arrested 31 young boys and girls who had attended a birthday party, held in a coffee shop in Tabriz.

Culture and the Press
During the past week according HRANA reporters, the news organ of the Human Rights Activists in Iran, a political and student activist was summoned to the criminal prosecutor’s office in Evin prison after he went to the grave of Neda Aghasoltan with two other detainees. In the prison, he was interrogated and detained. All three have just been released from prison
(27) According to the news agency of the Human Rights Activists in Iran last week, Bahman Farmanara, a film producer and director in Iran, was banned from leaving the country. No information has been provided concerning the motivation behind this decision by intelligence organizations of the government.

(28) The Iran House of Human Rights reports that last week, the press jury found the magazine Shahrvande Emruz guilty of insulting the president.

University and Students
Sa’d Bagheri, the former secretary of Islamic association of Kurdistan University and a member of Democratic Kurd Students Union, was sent to the detention center of Sanandaj intelligence office after being arrested.

(30) Daneshjoonews website reports Milad Rashidzadeh, a social science research and programming major from Ilam, was found dead by friends on Thursday. He was enrolled in his first year at university and lived in the Tehran University dormitories.

(31) Also according to HRANA which reported from Mukrian, As’ad Bagheri, a member of the Democratic Kurd Students Union and former secretary of Islamic Association of Kurdistan University, was summoned by the news campaign of the intelligence office of Sanandaj and subsequently arrested.

(32) According to the latest reports from Mazandaran University, the pressure on university activists has intensified following last week’s gathering.

(33) Also according to HRANA, in the ongoing protests by university students, hundreds of students gathered at Ghazvin International University. The protesting students demanded an improvement in the quality of food and their guild affairs.

(34) According to the Human Rights Activists in Iran, in an interview, the head of the Nursing and Midwifery Solleges of Iranshahr announced that a student living in a dormitory in Iranshahr had been electrocuted by a water cooler and died.

(35) Lastly, Behrooz Faridi, Arash Mohammadi and Siavash Mohammadi were arrested on November 3rd at their home by security forces.

 (36)Also according to HRANA, Sahba Mottahedin, an Industrial Engineering student of Ghazvin University, and Samira Gholami a Mechanical Engineering student of Sirjan university, were expelled from there universities
According to Human Rights activists in Iran, last week, Kurosh Bakhshandeh, a labor activist, was sentenced to a year of imprisonment by the revolutionary court in absentia.

(38) According to the website Iran Kargar, the sentence handed down by the judiciary in Sanandaj, four years after the sentences for Sedigh Karimi and Sheis Amani had been rejected, sent them the sentences to be implemented.

(39) According to this labor website, 220 workers lost their jobs following the closure of Bardsir Sugar Company.

(40) With the change in labour law, in addition to contract workers, workers who have been officially hired will be fired as well.

(41) HRANA reports that last week, more than 500 workers from the Hafttappeh Sugar Cane of Ahwaz protested not getting paid for months by gathering in front of the building of the Ministry of Cooperation, Work and Welfare.

(42) Also a group of workers from Markazi province railroads gathered in front the Arak Railroads Office on Saturday morning November 5th, for not getting paid for up to 11 months.

Human Rights Activists in Iran report that last week, the sentence for Ahmad Reza Ahmadpour, a chemical weapons veteran and religious schools researcher, was approved by the appeals court. He was sentenced to three years of imprisonment and ten years of exile
(44) Also HRANA reports that Saeed Leylaz Mehabadi, researcher and journalist, was sentenced to six years of finalized imprisonment for working against national security, insulting authorities and propagating against the regime, by the appeals court of Tehran province.

(45) This news website reports that the sentence of one and a half years of Tazir imprisonment for Solmaz Alimoradi, was approved by the appeals court.

(46) Irankhabar news agency reports that 34-year old political activist Hamir Reza Khadem was summoned to the prosecutor’s office of Evin prison to implement his sentence and was then sent to the 350 section of the prison.

 (47) Hrana reports that the six months of Tazir imprisonment for Bahareh Hedayat and Majid Tavakkoli was approved in the 54th branch of the appeals court of Tehran province
(49) According to the Human Rights Activists in Iran, Ali Akbar Mohammadzadeh, a 22-year old student activist from Sharif Industrial University, was sentenced to six years of imprisonment for gathering, colluding and propagating against the regime, based on articles 510 and 600 of the Islamic Criminal Code.

(50) HRANA reports that Kurosh Bakhshandeh, a labor activist, was sentenced to a year of imprisonment in the revolutionary court in absentia.

Prison and Prisoners
Among the news about prisoners and prisons of the Islamic Republic, the sad news was the death of a young prisoner in section 6 of Gohardasht prison of Karaj as a result of a conflict.

(52) Also last week Mostafa Moghiseh, son of Mohammad Reza Moghiseh, was beaten by agents of the prison in the visiting hall.

(53) According to HRANA, Mahboubeh Karami, a political prisoner in Evin prison, is in poor physical condition and unable to serve the rest of her term of imprisonment.

(54) In relation to conditions inside prisons, according to HRANA, the central prison of Tabriz is now holding 51 political prisoners. Most of these prisoners are in section eight which houses those convicted of fiscal crimes, two are being held in the methadone unit and 12 in the convicted sections.

(55) Despite being in very poor physical condition, Ma’soum Fardis, a political prisoner in the 350 section, is not allowed by the Tehran prosecutor to be hospitalized and undergo surgery.

(56) Hafez Mohammad Esma’il Mollazaei, a professors of Darololum of Zahedan, son-in-law of Molana Abdolhamid and a prisoner in the central prison of Zahedan, was exiled to Yazd prison.

(57) According to HRANA, a member of Mujahidin of the Islamic Republic is imprisoned in 209 section of Evin prison under the Ministry of Intelligence
(58) Hamid Reza Khadem, a 34-year old political activist who had reported to the prosecutor’s office of Evin prison to serve his term of imprisonment, was moved to the 350 section of this prison.

(59) Also currently imprisoned Ali Tari, the head of Mousavi’s campaign in Mazandaran province, has been banned from having breaks by judiciary authorities.

In the Islamic Republic, executions continue. According to the Iran House of Human Rights last week, the 41st public execution this year was implemented in Lorestan province.

(61) Also HRANA website reports that last week, the death sentence for the murderer of three family members from Nourabad was implemented in Imam square of Nourabad in Delfan Township where the convict was hung.

(62) Lastly, according to HRANA, the Supreme Court has approved the death sentence for the murderers of the “iron merchant and his family” in villa number 13 of “Golsar” area of Rasht.

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