Friday, July 15, 2011

Famous actress missing in Iran

Famous actress missing in Iran


Pegah Ahangarani, a famous Iranian actress banned from travelling abroad and threatened by the Iranian secret services and the Regime. She disappeared a few days ago and Iranian authorities have been keeping a veil of silence about this fact.
Pegah Ahangarani is supposed to have been blogging for Deutsche Welle these days.
Pegah Ahangarani, was scheduled to arrive from fourth to the twelfth of July in Germany and covering the World Cup for Deutsche Welle's blog. According to those close to Pegah, a day before flying to Germany she was called by the secret service. According to acquaintances and relatives, the officers threatened her and told her that she is banned from travelling and she was not permitted to leave Iran and to enter Germany.
The young actor was feared and she spent a few days with her relatives, according to reliable news, but since she returned home, there is no news from her. Pegah’s relatives trying to find a trace of her, but without any success. Evidently the government agencies are not willing to publish any information.
Pegah Ahangarani makes also documentary films. Her latest work was "Dehnamkiha" that depicts Massoud Dehnamaki’s life, a conservative activist and one of the founders of Ansar-e Hezbollah who also granted the opportunity to make movies. she described the background of Masoud Dehnamakii and how he had Ahmadinejad’s support despite he himself denied and claimed that nobody supported him. This Film includes some interview with different personalities. Her trying to stay neutral can be another feature of the film.
This film, broadcasted by BBC Persian few weeks ago and accordingly to people knowing Pegah, the film irritated Iranian authorities. Pegah told some friends that this could have been the reason for her summoning at the Ministry of Information.
According to reports, Deutsche Welle Persian, Germany's Persian broadcaster final attempted to contact Pegah’s mother Manijeh Hekmat, a famous film director for an interview was futile.

There are still until today no news about filmmaker Mahnaz Mohammadi arrested more than two weeks ago. The same for Maryam Majid, arrested on Tehran airport, while waiting for her flight to Germany, to the FIFA women soccer championship, where she wanted to write and take pictures about. She, in the last days, is suffering from severe physical problems.

By Soheil Parhizi
Persian Source: Deutsche Welle Persian

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