Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mr. Mohammad Reza Pourshajari,

July 21th, 2011

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to draw your attention to the human rights violations against jailed Iranian blogger, Mr. Mohammad Reza
Pourshajari, who faces inhumane prison conditions, torture, and the imminent threat of execution.
Mohammad Reza Pourshajari, known in his blog as Siamak Mehr (his blog may be viewed at:, wrote about the Islamic Republic’s suppression of human rights. In particular, his blog
highlighted the imprisonment and torture of Iranian women and minorities. Mr. Pourshajari’s critique of the Islamic
government in articles such as “Secularism Means Death to Islam” led to his arrest in September of 2010. He has been
labeled an infidel by Islamic authorities, an accusation that warrants no less than a death sentence.
Since his arrest, officials of the Islamic regime have brought Mr. Pourshajari into two closed-session court hearings, denying
him access to lawyers, witnesses, and juries. He has been unofficially warned by court and prison representatives to expect
his execution, and has been kept under solitary confinement in Karaj’s Rajayi Shahr Prison for the past several months.
Furthermore, Mr. Pourshajari has been psychologically tortured by means of mock executions staged by the Islamic court in
order to encourage a confession of regret and infidelity.
Mr. Pourshajari’s conditions have so far driven him to attempt suicide using the sharp rims of his eyeglasses. The authorities
reacted by confiscating his glasses to prevent any future suicide attempts, which has put him in a state of impaired vision. In
addition, Mr. Pourshajari’s diabetes requires regular medical attention, which he has been denied as a prisoner.
Government officials have threatened to arrest Mr. Pourshajari’s daughter. Out of strong concern for her father’s fate, Ms.
Mitra Pourshajari contacted, Iranian-American blogger Reza Irani, asking for any possible assistance in this urgent situation.
I am now calling directly upon your organization to promote and protect human rights on a global scale by taking action in
support of Mr. Pourshajari’s safe release as well as the safety of his family. Please keep in mind that the Islamic regime
needs to be put under tremendous pressure if Mr. Pourshajari’s life is to be spared.
I am requesting your prompt attention to this time-sensitive matter, as this man’s (Mr. Mohammad Reza Pourshajari, a
Photo attached above) life is in immediate danger.

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