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- Migrationsverket rejects all requests and documents.filed.

The Swedish government wants to send an Iranian family back to Iran although they run the risk of receiving the death penalty. On Friday they received the final rejection on their asylum application.
– The Swedish Migrationsverket rejected all requests of their asylum documents. This is happening often in  asylum applications both in Sweden and Norway, says Bjørg Irene Karlsen from Asylum-Today.

The young Iranian family consists of  Mohammadreza Hamedian Esfahani (35
y.o.), his wife Bahareh Pourfard (34 y.o.) and two minor children, Asal (7y.o.) and Daniel (2 y.o.). Deportation to Iran is already planned for Tuesday, February 14th. Esfahani and Bahareh are Christian converts, something that can invoke the death penalty in Iran. The father of the family, Mohammadreza, has been sentenced to 10-years punishment for apostasy, propaganda against Islam and spreading false facts about religion. According to Iranian Penal Law, punishment for apostasy is a possible death penalty by hanging.  The government authorities are completely unpredictable. A sentence of 10 years can easily be converted into the death penalty. Esfahani has been an active democracy fighter both in Sweden and Iran.

Similar cases in Norway.
The case in Sweden shares many similarities with two other cases in Norway.
- Unfortunately, there have been many deportations which we don´t know so much about. Norwegian and Swedish authorities do not really care about these people`s future situation....
Rahim Rostami (19 y.o.) and Danial Hadikhanloo were sent from Norway back to legal prosecution in Iran. Both of them ended up in Evin prison, well known for torture and executions.
Their supporters in Norway managed to follow their cases after deportation through an international network.
Stavanger Aftenblad wrote about their dramatic story on February 3rd. Bjørg Irene Karlsen knows these two cases well, and she is both scared and upset. The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and UNE – the appeal body- in Norway deny all the asylum claims in documents of these cases.

Documents rejected.
In Sweden, Asylum-Today has received access to the documents of the Esfahani family, along with Mission Free Iran.

Migrationsverket writes that they are suspicious of the fact that the proof of the baptism and the final judgment from the Iranian authorities have not been submitted
earlier. They do not accept that the mother of Esfahani was afraid to send
the original documents by mail and, therefore, expected to wait until a person could bring
the documents out of Iran. They have rejected a letter from City Cathedral
 in Sweden confirming that he is an active Christian and also rejected a supporting letter from the former president of the Iranian Republic,  Abol-Hassan Bani-Sadr. They
made their final decision on the case without translating the documents from farsi into Swedish. 
This is their explanation of the rejection, and they are justifying it with questioning the documents' authenticity..
This shows the arrogant attitude that exists among the Swedish immigration authorities. One should remind those who make such decisions to understand that these are persons, who fight for their lives. Asylum seekers is wondering whether their lifes are worth the same as the Scandinavian peoples' lives, says Bjorg Irene Karlsen.

Strict praxsis..
Asylum-Today sees the fact that Norway and Sweden have the same strict praxsis..
- UDI in Norway and the Migration Administration in Sweden accuse the asylum seekers
presenting forged documents, without justifying why. So we can
ask what real knowledge Immigration and Migration Administration
have about documentation from such a closed country like Iran. 
In both countries,the practice, that is followed, is that the doubt  does not favour "the accused". This can have fatal consequences, like the cases became
for the two iranians, who were deported from Norway.

Lawyers lack of knowledge.
Bjorg Irene Karlsen often notice
that the Norwegian lawyers do not have enough experience and understanding of asylum issues, and that the cases are not well enough prepared. At the same time the lawyers who specialize in asylum law, are overburdened and exhausted, and they often fail to manage asylum cases on short timelimits. The same situation happens in Sweden.

It can be fatal for the clients. 
We have now written to Sweden's legal chief Michael Ribbenvik and asked him to take the initiative to change  its judgement practice in this case and favour Esfahani family with any benefit of the doubt, due to the severity of the situation. We believe this would be more humane and in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights and the UN Universal Declaration.
Mission Free Iran and Asylum-Today ha
ve now received assistance from attorney Esmael Yari, associated with the European Organizaton of Iranian Refugees (EOIR). He will
bring the case to the Swedish courts and The
European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg.

Support for family Esfahani.
Last Saturday, there was a demonstration outside Flen detention center in support of
Esfahani family
on the initative of two Iranian asylum seekers.
- It was a mixed crowd of Swedes, Iranians, Afghans and people
from Nepal ,says Nasi Payghambarian, who has helped many asylum seekers in

Esfahani, Bahareh and the two children are now at an unknown address,
while waiting for the attorney Esmael Yari to take up their cases in the courts.

Contacts and Links

Documentation can be provided  :
- Attorney appeal and Migration Administration's final rejection of the case Esfahani, 10
s pdf
- Iranian court documents and baptism (original in
Migration Administration)

Text of the three Iranian court documents:
1-Sentence with a list of charges (dadnameh) : Mohammad Reza Esfahani Hamedian
is found guilty of propaganda and the spreading of lies against Islam and
based on Witnesses, he is an apostate and Mohareb, Condemned 2 October in 10 years
prison and 75 lashes.

2 - Summons for Mohammad Reza Esfahani Hamedian to Appear in the court

3 - Subpoena or Decree of warning for Mohammad Reza Esfahani Hamedian to
show up with evidence (ekhtarieh)

- Country Info Iran Christian converts

- Stavanger Aftenblad report, four sent from Norway to prison, two to
Iran, 3 s pdf - photos Rahmin and Danial (discussed in Stavanger

is working independently with asylum  issues regarded
unfairly dismissed and where the client has a clear protection need..
And contributes with pro bono assistance to lawyers. The organization works for a more humane asylum policy in
accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights and the UN Universal Declaration. They participate in the public debate about the paperless and support  asylum seekers with practical matters such as employment and health services. The organization also assists them in questions related to family reunion and will try to stop the return of unaccompanied asylum seekers with or without Dubliner status and work to stop deportations to brutal regimes.

Press Contact Sweden:
Nasi Payghambarian
mob: 0046735093399

Lawyer Esmael Yari
mob: +31657006565
fax: +31408484937
skype: Future IALA

Mission Free Iran,
Ahmad Fatemi
mob: +46498 494070 / +4673 520 3817
skype: Ahmad Fatemi

Mohammad Reza Esfahani Hamedian (alias Maxim)
Flen detention in Sweden
Direct mobile to him:

Asylum-Today, Bjorg Inger Karlsen
mob: 976 10 075
skype: Bjørg Irene Karlsen

Asylum-Today, Sissel Egeland
mob: 995 03 812
skype: sisselli mail:

If someone is in difficulty, contact : Asylum-Today, Mona Bentzen
mob: 995 80 388
skype: mona.bentzen

European Organizaton of Iranian Refuge (EOIR)

Country Info Iran-Christians and converts. Landinfo.

Judgement by the Appeal Court, won by a lawyer Arild Bumble Bee:

's political activity in Sweden: –


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